Murata Icon X Announcement

・We transferred from Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module for NXP i.MX Support Site to Wi-Fi Bluetooth for NXP i.MX page on 10th September.
Click here for detail information. -->Wi-Fi Bluetooth for NXP i.MX page

・Notice of temporary suspension of my Murata services. [March 18, 2019]
     Target service : support of Site Membership Request, Sample Request, Sign in assistance and Sigfox Device ID request etc.
                                    (You can send request.)
     Target date : Saturday, Sunday and the date listed below.
                              2019 : Apr 27th -May 7th, Jul 15th, Aug 14th-19th, Sep 16th, Oct 14th, Oct 19th-22th, Nov 4th, Dec 28th-31th
                              2020 : Jan 1st-6th, Jan 13th, Mar 20th