Murata Icon X Announcement

・RoHS Certificate of Compliance and REACH SVHC Certificate of Compliance for Inductors (Coils) and EMI Suppression Filters were transferred to page listed in below on October 15, 2019. 
     Inductors (Coils) : Please click here.
     EMI Suppression Filters.: Please click here.

・We transferred from Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module for NXP i.MX Support Site to Wi-Fi Bluetooth for NXP i.MX page on 10th September.
Click here for detail information. -->Wi-Fi Bluetooth for NXP i.MX page

・Notice of temporary suspension of my Murata services. [March 18, 2019]
     Target service : support of Site Membership Request, Sample Request, Sign in assistance and Sigfox Device ID request etc.
                                    (You can send request.)
     Target date : Saturday, Sunday and the date listed below.
                              2019 : Apr 27th -May 7th, Jul 15th, Aug 14th-19th, Sep 16th, Oct 14th, Oct 19th-22th, Nov 4th, Dec 28th-31th
                              2020 : Jan 1st-6th, Jan 13th, Mar 20th