Murata Icon X Announcement

・my Murata has been updated. And there are some defects that we have already recognized, so please refer to FAQ for details. Apologies for the inconvenience may occur.

・Murata Plus gives "hints" to realize your idea by some collaborations with Murata partners. Click here for detail information.

・Sample kit related to wearable devicesindustrial automationsmart meters and part of the product lineups in Inductors, Ceramic Resonators (CERALOCK®) , Crystal Units, Piezoelectric Sounders / Buzzers are available upon request. Due to revision of sample kit, sample request for sample kit does not available. Sample request for each product is available.

・Notice of temporary suspension of my Murata services. [December 27, 2017]

    Target service : support of Site Membership Request, Sample Request, Sign in assistance and Sigfox Device ID request etc.
                                 (You can send request.)
    Target date : Saturday, Sunday and the date listed below.
                         2018 :  Jan 1st-5th, Jan 8th, Feb 12th, Apr 30th -May 4th, May 7th, Jul 16th, Aug 13th-17th, Sep 17th, Oct 8th, Nov 23th, 
                                       Dec 31th.
                         2019 :  Jan 1st-4th, Jan 7th, Jan 14th, Feb 11th.