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Some wordings (other than English) are inappropriately phrased and it is hard to understand.

It may help you understand better by changing the language to English. If found any, please contact us and we will fix it as needed.

Files in Shared Documents cannot be moved and showing some error message.

It may be because of a lack of role to your selected folder. Please select other folder or contact us.

Murata Icon X What is my Murata

What is “my Murata”?

"my Murata" is a membership engineering portal site to provide a wide variety of services and exclusive product related contents of Murata via the Internet.

Registering as a user and obtaining a specific site membership will enable you to 
  - access a cross-user forum to discuss product specifications and share a hit to select the appropriate products, and more.
  - read unique exclusive contents corresponding product of the representing site.

User guides for purchased/developing products and related software information are available in the corresponding product support sites.

Registration is free of charge, and anybody with a corporate e-mail address may sign up.

Click here for detail information about available sites in my Murata.

Is there any charge on registration/use of “my Murata”?

my Murata is currently free of charge.  Charging rule for sites other than my Murata must be followed as described in each site’s user policy.

How my personal information to be handled by my Murata?

my Murata shall handle personal information provided by an individual user for the purpose of sales and marketing activities such as sending my Murata announcements. Further information can be found in the User Policy in my Murata and the "Privacy Policy" posted on the corporate website.

Murata Icon X How to use my Murata

How do I create an account for my Murata?

Create an account of my Murata from here then apply for the site registration from the site list page.

How do I join the site?

Apply for the site registration from the site panel after sign in to my Murata with your account ID and password.

I already have my Murata ID but why I cannot view the site yet?

Apply for the site registration from the site panel after sign in to my Murata with your account ID and password.

I have applied site registration but why I cannot view the site yet?

Apologies for your inconvenience at the moment. Your site registration application is under screening by the site owner and will be soon replied with the screening result.


Why am I declined for the site registration from my Murata? 

Each site has individual site registration condition and user must meet the requirement to be accepted as a site member.

Check detail site registration condition/requirement from here

If denied, below may be a reason. 

1. Every kind of code (Serial Code or Registration Code etc.) which you entered when requesting site membership is incorrect.
2. Based on your e-mail address domain which you entered when creating my Murata account, you may not be considered as an applicable client in products or solution of  each site.

    Example 1: The e-mail address domain does not belong to a company. Educational institution, including university(e.g.,*@*,  organization except company, personal(e.g.,*@*, free e-mail (e.g.,,,, etc.) or e-mail address domain of internet provider(e.g.,*, *, *@*,  *@* etc.) may not be approved as site membership.
    Example 2: Based on your e-mail address domain, we cannot find your company's website or business.
    Example 3: Based on your company's website, you belong to one of our competitors or its distributors which offer the same products or solutions of this site.
    Example 4: Based on your company's website, you may not be considered as an applicable client in products or solution of each site.

3. You belong to a defense/military company* or your “Primary Application” selected in account creation page or “Primary Application” of sample request is related to defense/military/weapons.
    *Our policy regarding defense/military applications (
4. Your company belongs to a country, region, or company that is designated by law or regulation.
5. Other

If you are not applicable to any above and would like to request a membership again, please contact from here. Please understand that we cannot offer you the reason why you are rejected.

I forgot my password for my Murata account.

Reset your password from here.

How do I change my Murata ID (email address).?

my Murata ID(email address)cannot be changed once registered. Click here for creating another account with new my Murata ID (email address).

*Registered site information will NOT be transferred from current my Murata ID to your new my Murata ID.  Required to apply each site’s registration with your new my Murata ID.

How do I opt-out emails from my Murata?

<How to opt-out for announcement from each site>
Sign in my Murata and change Email alert settings in the profile. Click on user name on the top right corner of the screen to open the profile.
*Some annoucements may be delivered regardless of email alert settings such as system down time notification.

<How to unsubscribe forum update notification>
Sign in my Murata and access the target forum in the site to click on ‘unsubscribe’.

Click on ‘Action’ to choose ‘unsubscribe’ for each thread in case to control notification delivery per thread.

The message ‘Verify email address’ is displayed after sign in to my Murata?

my Murata verifies user’s email periodically for the security purpose. Click on “Send New Verification Code” to receive a verification code from my Murata.

Click on URL link listed in ‘E-mail Confirmation’ sent from my Murata or copy and paste the verification code to the blank column in “Verify email address” screen to verify your email address

my Murata contents are not displayed properly.

Follow below counter-measure as below. Contact us from the my Murata Sign in assistance in case the problem cannot be resolved.

Counter-measure: Check your internet browser cache settings to properly delete unnecessary cache.

Refer help contents of your internet browser for more detail.

How do I withdraw membership from my Murata?

Submit membership withdrawal request from my Murata Sign in assistance.

Posted date of forum is not accurate.

The posted date/time shown in the forum is based on time zone setting of each user’s account. In case you have not changed it, it is shown based on the default value (UTC: Coordinated Universal Time) of the system. Depending on where you are located, the posted date/time and your actual date/time may differ. Please check the following steps in order to change your time zone setting.

How to change your time zone setting
1. After logging in, click your Nickname to open “Manage My Account” window.
2. Click the section of “Language & Time Zone”.
3. Change the time zone to your time zone.
4. Click “(1) Save”.
5. Click “(2) Close Edit screen”.