Life Log Tool for Babies
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Life Log Tool for Babies
A baby has many needs! There is so much for you to observe and remember.
Easy to record and control a baby's life rhythm with BLE and Sensor
- How much time between feedings? When was the last diaper change? Has my baby been getting enough freash air, and enough sunlight?
- Is the baby's room too cold? Or too warm? Is it very humid?
- The demands from every day life make it difficult to find enough time to keep track of everthing. You just don't have enough time to record and write down all the rhythms of your baby. And a baby's condition can change quite rapidly!
All parents would be happier and more relieved if the baby's records could be easily monitored and recorded.
"Baby Life Log Tool" easily records the baby's conditions, simply by pushing the buttons and then check it via Smartphone. The records can be easily shared within the family via the cloud.
"Baby Life Log Tool" and "Baby band" link up with smart phone!
Fuss-free Logger.
Baby Life Log Tool Baby Band
<Baby Life Log Tool>
Pushing a button on "Baby Life Log Tool" sends the baby's life log information to your Smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy. A Smartphone app records the baby's record easily. You can also record "sleep duration", "airing time" and "amount of time going for a walk". Additionally, you can check the environment, including temperature and humidity, to make sure your baby is comfortable.
<Baby band>
If a baby wears "Baby Band", you can check "skin temperature" and "amount of activity" for all day. An acceleration sensor in "Baby Band" can detect roll-over. The measured data is send to Smartphone by Bluetooth Low Energy.
Applications for baby care
Tools and Application for baby care
・Relieve the insecurity and stress that can develop during child-rearing years.
- The data will be shared in a family so it can be easy to make the baby care condition by a whole family, not only by a mother.
It can be linked to a maternity health care book. Since the record can easily be placed into a graph, doctors can quickly provide you with their recommendations.
You can record your baby's rhythms to keep as part of all your personal memories.
By connecting with the cloud service, the record can be shared with many people. By checking the data of other baby's, you need not feel alone in the care of your baby.
There might come a time when you may want to compare the health condition of your baby by gathering data of several babies data.
- All the users can create a community by sharing the data
Major components
Sensor Control and Data Collection are enabled by Bluetooth® Smart module 
<Baby Life Log Tool>
・temperature sensor
・humidity sensor
・acceleration sensor
・button for recording Baby's life log.
<Baby band>
・temperature sensor
・humidity sensor
・acceleration sensor
・infrared-temperature sensor
<Smartphone App>
・Baby's life log record
・detect roll-over
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*We do not sell "Life Log Tool for Babies" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.

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