An easy introduction to heart rate monitoring
Heart Rate monitoring Wearable Device
Total solution of SensorHUB-IC and Sensor
Total solution of SensorHUB-IC and Sensor
Reliable and easy to use heart rate monitoring devices are a key component to improving one's health.The SensorHUB-IC and Sensor solution is a heart rate monitoring system for use in wearable devices, featuring a Megahips SensorHUB-IC and Murata sensor Since this solution omits individual design for SensorHUB-IC and sensor, you can start up immediately. In situations where the wearable device is continoulsy monitoring vital data, battery life is certainly a key issue. The "frizz" high level processing capability and low consumption results in a longer life battery.
Solution suited for wearable devices
Solution suited for wearable devices
■The extended life of the wearable device's battery made possible by the low consumption Sensor HUB-IC and Sensor.
■An algorithm cancels the noise resulting from body movement.
■Align with functions of another sensor
For example: PDR(Pedestrian Dead Reckoning) with Murata pressure sensor.
Major components
MegaChips : frizz
Murata : Heart rate sensor
Power Consumption Active:96.9uA/MHz
Sleep(fast wake up):615uA
Sleep(low power): 89uA
Stop: 85uA
Standby: 6.4uA
RAM Instruction RAM:256KB
Data RAM:256KB
External interface Host CPU Interface:SPI or I2C
Dual Purpose RAM (32bit x 64word)
Power voltage Core 1.2V
IO 1.8/2.5/2.8/3.3V
Device interface UART x1, SPI x1 (4 devices control)
I2C x1, GPIO x4
Power save mode Sleep/Stop/Standby mode
Package 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 0.65mm
System •Timer 32bit x4
•Dual Purpose RAM(32bitx64Word) : FIFO mode or Snap Shot mode
•Self Boot from SPI Flash memory
•Host CPU Download boot
•JTAG debug
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*We do not sell "heart rate monitoring" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.

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