Everywhere Shopping List
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Everywhere Shopping List
Wireless LAN Device changes your life to convenience. Shopping list linkaged Cloud System.
Wireless LAN Device changes your life to convenience. Shopping list linkaged Cloud System.
How many times in a week or month do you seem to run out of many of your day-to-day necessities: milk, eggs, bread or….
How many times has this happened to you: You just returned home from grocery shopping and you realize you forgot to buy some needed ingredients for tonight's dinner?
The "Everywhere Shopping List" can reduce your stress and eliminate extra visits to the store.
All you need to do is push a button. You can place a note on your shopping list in the cloud and refer to the list with your smart phone - anytime, anywhere.
Everyone forgets things, from time to time. But prevent these situations, by using a simple and friendly User Interface that provides you a "Smartification" tool for your daily life.
Simple and friendly User Interface
Simple and friendly User Interface
The "Everywhere Shopping List" solution is made possible by:
■Murata Shopping List bar
   -The device fits everywhere, enables easy input and is equipped with Murata WLAN smart module.
■Murata Notify Board
   -The Notify Board is a Cloud based system to store your shopping lists and to share them.
■Murata Notify SmartPhone Application
   -A Smart phone application that can easily check information on the NortBoard.
Simple interface is cool !!
Simple interface is cool
<Murata Shopping List bar>
■Input device fits everywhere
■Simple configuration- WLAM Smart module and buttun base
■Physical button is simple and easy interface, low-cost, and low power consumption
■Compliant with IEEE802.11n
■Operating System is "Ubiquitous Network Framework". Features small footprint, smooth and fast processing. It includes network protocol stacks required by "Everywhere Shopping List"
<Murata Notify Board>
■ A web server system for "Everywhere Shopping List".
■Handles Shopping List per "Murata Shopping List bar".
<Murata Notify SmartPhone Application>
■For checking your shopping list
■ A simple user interface for checking information.
■Easy control the items on your shopping list.
Major components
Low cost and simple architecture !
Murata Shopping List bar
■Murata shopping list bar Software on the Ubiquitous Network Framework.
Murata Notify Board
■Web Application
Murata Notify SmartPhone Application
■Application Software for iOS
powered by...
Hardware (Japanese contents only)
Software (Japanese contents only)
*We do not sell "Everywhere Shopping List" as a finished product. This is just an example of how Murata products are used in actual applications.



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