User Policy

"my Murata" ("Site") provides businesses and research institutions engaging in research, development, design and production of electronic products and/or technologies used in electronic products that have accounts with the Site ("User Organization(s)") with the product information of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ("Company") and its affiliates ("Product Information") via the Internet.
This Policy shall apply to the use of the Site by User Organizations.

1. Registration


An organization wishing to register an account with the Site shall apply using the account registration form on the Site and register in accordance with the account registration procedure specified by the Company.
The Company shall, at its own discretion, approve or reject any account registration request. Specifically, the Company may reject an account registration request containing false information, an account registration request from an organization that has been disqualified as a User Organization in the past, or a request from an organization that the Company otherwise deems inappropriate as a User Organization.
Upon completion of account registration, the Company shall issue unique IDs and passwords to the individuals specified by the User Organization in the account registration form ("User").

2. Control of User IDs and passwords

User Organizations shall be responsible for controlling User IDs and passwords.
Each User ID and password may only be used by the User who received the account registration notice from the Company and shall not be disclosed, assigned or loaned to any third party (including any person within the same User Organization) or otherwise disposed of without the prior consent of the Company.

3. Change of account information

User Organizations shall promptly notify the Company of any change in the information provided to the Company at the time of account registration. (However, User organization may not change certain information , such as nicknames, e-mail address and company name.)
In accordance with the procedure defined by the Company, A User Organization shall promptly request the Company to register any addition, change or deletion of its Users such as a User no longer needs to use the Site.
The Company may, at its own discretion, correct obvious errors in a User Organization's account information, such as errors in company name, postal code or address.


4. Cancellation/Termination

In the event that a User Organization decides to cancel its account at its own convenience, it shall promptly request cancellation in accordance with the procedure specified by the Company.
The Company may terminate a User Organization's account qualification without prior notice in the event that:
(1) the Company discovers that User Organization registration information is false;
(2) there has been unauthorized or improper use of a User ID or password;
(3) the User Organization has not had any access to the Site for six months or more;
(4) the Company otherwise deems the User Organization inappropriate because the User Organization has violated this Policy or for a similar reason.
In the event that a User Organization has not had any access to the Site for a certain period of time, the Company may temporarily lock the User Organization's account. In case of access to the Site for the first time after such suspension, the User Organization will be provided a new access code, which will be requested during the log-in procedure.


5. Privacy Policy

The Company shall handle personal information provided by an organization wishing to register an account with the Site (including information that can be easily checked against other information to enable the identification of a particular individual) in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" posted on the Company's website ( This website is maintained within Japan, and therefore personal data is stored on our servers in Japan and utilized for the purposes specified in this agreement. This means that personal data is maintained and stored on servers outside the EU, China, and other regions.


6. Use of personal data

By using the Company's website and the Site, User and/or User Organization are providing certain data to us. This could be personal data. Company only retains and use the personal data provided directly by User and/or User Organization, or for which it is clear that it has been supplied to Company in order to be processed. Personal data that is excessive to Company's purpose (as described below) for collection won't be collected and all personal data is collected and processed lawfully and fairly.

Persons and organizations using this website, before supplying personal data (including personal data of users) via this website, must provide appropriate explanation to specific persons identifiable by means of said personal data of details regarding the collection, use, and storage of personal data (including the purposes and locations of same) specified in this agreement and in “Privacy Policy,” and obtain the consent of said specific persons in advance. Should Murata Electronics or third parties sustain damage due to the failure of persons or organizations using this website to obtain the consent of said specific persons, said persons or organizations shall assume responsibility for such damage.

Company uses the following personal data for the purposes as mentioned in this privacy and cookie statement:

  • Account information (e.g. Email address, Name, User Organization, Address, Telephone number etc.)
  • Access data (e.g. Access log, cookies data, IP address etc.)

Company processes the personal data for the following purposes:

  • to let User and/or User Organization access to the Company's Website;
  • to let User and/or User Organization create an account;
  • to let User and/or User Organization use the Company's Website with personalized contents (including watermarks)
  • to show User and/or User Organization personalized advertisements;
  • to provide and offers information via emails;
  • to contact and communicate User and/or User Organization;
  • to analyze statistics and optimize the website;
  • to measure the effect of the Company's marketing efforts;
  • to improve and evaluate the Company's website and services;


7. Terms of use

By submitting an account registration request, a User Organization shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by this Policy and to have agreed to comply with applicable laws and regulations with respect to the use of the Site.
A User Organization shall neither disclose nor make available any information (including Product Information), content or images contained in the Site (collectively "Site Material(s)") to any third party except persons within the User Organization who need to know the Site Material in order to consider the use of the Company's products in their own products and services.
The Company may change, revise or terminate the operation of the Site and Site Materials without any prior notice.
This Policy may be modified or revised without prior notice to User Organizations. Any such modification or revision will be posted as a "Notice on Modification of the User Policy" on the Site. A modified or revised User Policy will become effective when it is posted on the Site.
The Company may separately set forth additional terms and conditions for the use of any part of the Site or services ancillary to the Site. In this case, such terms and conditions shall be posted on the Site and constitute an integral part of this Policy.


8. Copyright

The Site Materials are protected under the Copyright Act, Trademark Act and other intellectual property laws and regulations. No use (including but not limited to reproduction, transmission, distribution, transfer and adaptation; hereinafter the same) of the Site Materials is permitted without the consent of the Company except in cases permitted under this Policy. Any and all rights in trademarks, logos and trade names used on the Site shall remain with the Company or their respective right holders.
The Company shall not be liable if a problem occurs with regard to the infringement of a third-party's intellectual property right caused by a User Organization's use of information obtained from the Site. The posting of Site Material on the Site does not mean that a license for said third-party's intellectual property rights shall be granted to a User Organization.
A User Organization may use the Site Materials posted on the Site for non-profit purposes or private use only. However, this shall be conditional on the User Organization's not altering any such Site Material and maintaining the presentation of all copyright and other intellectual property right notices thereon.
The Company reserves the right to access and refer to information and materials uploaded to the Site by a User Organization. In the event that the Company deems the maintenance of any such information or material inappropriate to the Site, the Company may temporarily restrict access to it and request the User Organization to delete it from the Site. The User Organization shall promptly delete such information or material as instructed. In the event that a User Organization fails to delete such information or material within the notified period of time, the Company may delete it at its sole distraction and without any liability to the User Organization. In this case, the User Organization may make no complaint to the Company whatsoever.
The copyright to Site Materials shall remain with the Company after the cancellation or termination of a User Organization.


9. User Organization's Acknowledgements

A User Organization shall acknowledge and agree that design-related materials provided as Site Materials are provided for reference purpose only and that the User Organization shall make its own analysis and determination with respect to any use of the Site Materials. The Company shall not be liable for any use of the Site Materials by a User Organization, including use in the User Organization's product design, or for any application support that may be provided by the Company.


10. Disclaimer

The Company will post any and all Site Materials on the Site "as is". The Company hereby disclaims any warranty with respect to the Site Materials, including but not limited to their correctness, usefulness, certainty, fitness for the general purpose, fitness for the particular purpose, and safety (such as warranty of functioning without interruption, repair of defects, and the Site and its server being free of computer viruses or other harmful components). The Company shall not be liable for any damages that may arise out of or in relation to the use of the Site or Site Materials by a User Organization and/or the unavailability of Site Materials.


11. Link policy

In principle, any link to the Site shall be directed to the top page ( In the event that a User Organization wishes to direct a link to any other webpage of the Site, the User Organization shall consult my Murata administrator. The Company may request a User Organization to delete a link that the Company deems inappropriate.

12. Governing law

The Company's website and the interpretation and application of this Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan, without regard to its conflict or choice of law principles. Any dispute arising in relation to the Company's website and/or this Policy shall be submitted to the Kyoto District Court as the court of exclusive jurisdiction.

Please refer also to Site policy (Terms of Use) and Privacy Policy.